Your Wedding in Ikaria

Please tell us  how you envision your Wedding and we will do our very best to make your dream come true.   There are of course  some legal requirements and paperwork to be completed in advance of your big day if you wish for an officially recognized Wedding here in Greece. However that is our forte and we can help and guide you through the whole procedure.

Some Additional Information to bear in mind                                           

  • For an official Church Wedding  both partners must be christened in advance of marriage in the Greek Orthodox Christian Church.
  • Having a simple blessing made by a Greek Orthodox Priest is another option.
  • Civil Weddings through the City Hall – marriage by public servant

What is the Cost? Usually the parents first question…

*Free 5-day Honeymoon Suite* is available to couples who plan packages including the accommodations and car rentals/transport services and banquet catering for 10 or  more wedding guests- *On all of these services we will offer our lowest pricing so we can help you make your trip as affordable as it is memorable. 

*Seasonal fluctuations occur and we offer the lower rates for larger weddings but  per night cost of room rentals with wedding packages remains within the range we quote below: Because August is a very impacted high season month with many festivals the cost will increase and venue availability will be far more difficult to secure; we recommend planning your Ikarian wedding for a  month outside of August

We can even accommodate up to 60 Guests at one same Hotel or Inn or for larger weddings at separate locations 

  • double occupancy       25-60 euro /night               
  • triple occupancy         35-85 euro/night             
  • four person  studio    50-110 euro/night           
  • five person studio       65-130 euro/night       
  • six + person rental     80-160 euro/night (spacious) 

 Catered  Banquet: (cost varies with selected menu and number of guests)  * Excellent Local wine  is offered at a reasonable per liter price sold separately*

  • Restaurant on the Beach (12-35 per guest)
  • Town Square upon availability (10-30 euro per guest)
  • Hotel/Inn  Courtyard or Veranda (10-30 euro per guest)

Other Costs for Wedding Package

  • Musicians or Disc Jockey Cost Varies with season but is generally compatible to most venues (n/a)
  • Professional Photographer Cost Varies on packages  (100-500 euro)
  • Church use -(filing cost – administrative includes a tip for priest or official ) flat fee – (400 euros)
  • Ask for pricing for escort drivers and private shuttle services (based on duration- distance- no. of passengers, amt. of days- daily fee)

On the Contact form or email you send us Please Include the following :

*State your preferences for type of wedding on the form provided be sure to include the number of guests and the menu you wish for

*State your preferred  location if you know in advance in an e-mail and we will do our best to match your desires

-Or call us so we can offer  a suggestion based on  your preferences +30 22750 32725  WhatsApp +30 6986726376