How to travel to Ikaria:
 Flights to Athens: from there you can reach Ikaria by plane (daily flights):
 Flight time: about 40 minutes.
 Round-trip tickets: around 100 euros.
 The journey takes about 8-9 hours and you will reach either Evdilos (northern part of the island) or Agios Kirikos (southern part of the island). In April there is a possibility that there are daily departures, but you should first check with ticketing agents to be sure.

    The Ikaros Adventure Tours Office and Storefront is a 7 minute drive from the Port town of Evdilos in Kampos, Ikaria along the main road on the Northeast side of the island next to the town plaza of the Ancient Capital of Oinoie.  An easy way to find us is to stop anywhere in Kampos  and look for the big shady umbrellas patio tables and Wooden Benches you will inevitably see our Mountain Bike Rentals rack too. Please dont be shy, ask us for directions to the museum which you will certainly recognize on all printed maps.  The  Archaeological museum of Ikaria which houses the relics of the Proto Ikarian civilization and Original Greek Settlers who founded the  Wine Producing Capital of Oinoie.  Driving from the port town of Evdilos towards the often frequented sites on the Northeast side of the island you will find  us on the Right hand side in the first town after Evdilos We have a Tourist Information sign posted and welcome you to come have a free drink of water to hydrate after your travels and we have maps and resources for sale which you can use in order to orient yourselves  on the island we also give guided tours upon request to the historic Byzantine Church and Archaeological museum only steps away from our door. 

**Remember your friends at home: We are the only Post office affiliates in Kampos and one of very few affiliates on the island so we sell postage stamps and beautiful postcards which you can send from the Post Office  Mailbox outside our door Below our Information Sign.

We invite you to stop in and say Hello We have quality Greek Ice Cream and beverages to cool you off on those hot summer days