Ikaros Adventure Tours2020 Program of Themed Features

Historical Period -Themed Feature Tour

  Themed Feature Expedition – 


(May 1 – May 11) –     

  • “Sailing to Byzantium” Acommodations:

  • in double Cabin aboard ship 7 days + 4 days in Hotels (4 Star* and 5 Star* Accomodations) 2390 Euros

  • With double occupancy hotel throughout 11 nights (4 Star* and 5 Star*Accomodations)  2790 Euros

    -add 300 euro for single occupancy

    -Dive headlong into the glorious bygone  Age of Byzantine Splendor

    Reserve your space on board the sailboat Koulaki -to experience the trip of a lifetime on a guided tour through ancient Byzantium.

  • Along the way Visit and explore  the isles of the Aegean sea which influenced and were influenced by the Byzantine empire in a thorough guided exploration of the Greek legacy in The Aegean basin and Asia Minor.

  • Were in for a exquisite treat: Our Guide will be esteemed period Author Anastasia “Topsy” Douris.

  • You must be of the first nine to reserve a cabin on the Koulak  for the first 7 nights of the 11 day trip –or specify that you would like hotel accomodations throughout the voyage the Their will be 21 spaces available total 12 spaces for hotel travel the entire voyage. All expenses will be paid within the budget of the tour company.

  • Our group ventures to visit 8 significant islands in six days with guided walks of the Byzantine remains of castles, ancient cobbled roads, churches and monasteries found on the islands of Santorini –  Naxos –  Paros – Siros – Tinos – Mikonos – Ikaria and Patmos before touching down at the site of the Fortress guarding the last stop on the Silk Road of Asia where the fantasy and adventure goes into overdrive. We will visit and tour the seven ancient churches of the Apocalypse from the earliest era Of Chrystendom .. and along the way stop and tour the magical white stalagtites and bluffs of the cotton Palace on the river Pamukkale at the base of the Ancient city of Hierapolis, we will also stop in Assos along the coast of the Famous Dardanelles to be awestruck by the ancient ruins that dominate the landscape. Shortly after we will stop and Ponder the most famous War between Priam and Menelaos And see where the Trojan Horse Crossed the tragic Citadel and where Achilles met his fatal blow on the vulnerable heel by the arrow loosed by the bow of young Paris .. yes we will stop in the Sun Worshipping city of Troy to behold the spectacle that plays out in our imaginations.. After this we are off to our final destination the ancient Capital of Byzantium once converted from Paganism by Emperor Constantine the Great into the Cultural and influential Center of Christianity. Our first stop at the heights of the Byzantine Acropolis of Constantinople modern Day marvel as the museum palace Topkapi overlooking the city of Istambul.. and tour the remains of the jewel of Christendom the majestic Aghia Sophia Cathedral Built in the 5 th century in an unthinkable three years time during the prosperous reign of Justinian right before the Bubonic Plague wiped out and wobbled the Christian empire after this we will return to the waterways to take a cruise along the Bosporus Strait which once thrived with trade from the silk road where we can relax and reflect on our journey while alternating our glance from the shores of the European Continent to Asian shores before continuing on our life’s journey we will eat at a local restaurant as a group to tie our goodbyes with well wishing and memories…

**All Breakfasts and Dinners will be provided & there will be opportunity to individually purchase snacks or Lunch for the day time 

“Sailing to Byzantium 2020” Dive into a Glorious Bygone Age “

PACKING LIST figure for 11 days  but pack light 

  • Lightweight hiking shoes or sneakers
  • sport sandals or Rock shoes
  • socks and underwear
  • wide brimmed sun hat or ball cap
  • sport bandana to protect the back of your neck and face
  • windbreaker 
  • bathing suits 
  • off water clothing 
  • sunscreen lip balm with SPF protection
  • sunglasses with lanyard
  • camera
  • binoculars
  • towel
  • any personal medications
  • preferred snacks
2020 Themed Feature -“Sailing to Byzantium” Tour

Coming Soon September 2020 for 7 days…..Our next planned Historical Period Themed Feature  Cruise through the Minoan era.. “Sailing to Knossos”, September 2020- We will visit 5 isles with a significant connection to the enigmatic age of Bulldancing and the Minotaur. Leading back to Mythical Mt Ida Where Zeus himself was raised through childhood by the supernatural beekeeper and a divine goat or so the story holds we will journey back in time aboard our sailboat Koulaki to experience the Pre Minoan Crete before the times of their powerful navy and its violent end at the hands of Poseidon’s fury in the eruption of Akrotiri Santorini that sent the enormous tidal waves utterly shipwrecking  the nearly-invincible Cretan Armada