Greek Legacy in Asia Minor (May 7 -May 11)

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Greek Legacy in Asia Minor (May 7 -May 11)





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Description of the excursion “Greek Legacy in Asia Minor”, a guided tour of the most significant places in the  Asia Minor of antiquity. 

  • Journey to the 7 ancient churches of the Apocalypse of John found amongst the ruins  of 7  ancient Greek cities of Asia Minor: (Ephesus, Laodicea, Philadelphia, Sardis, Smyrna, Thyatira, Pergamum).
  • Meeting at 9:30 near the Port of Kusadasi at the mouth of the Silk Road.  The tour begins at this starting point  by bus with an English  speaking guide translations are available in Greek and Spanish.


In addition it  includes:

  • A visit to Pamukkale with its famous White Rocks, its stalactites resembling a castle of cotton, superb natural beauty, at the foot of the famed ancient city of Hierapolis. 
  • In Assos, on the historically significant coast of antiquity alongside the Dardanelles, we will visit the ancient Greek ruins of the city, the remains of temples and buildings.
  • In Troy, the once upon a time cosmopolitan pinnacle of  culture fortunately preserved and transferred to us  through Homer’s Epic Poem the Iliad, which outlived the magnificent city and survived  thousands of years to the present day
  • To learn about the achievements and adventures of her heroes. We will see the places where the Trojan war took place,
  • Imagine the Trojan Horse, and the heel of Achilles Reliving the glory before our  hero was struck at his vulnerable spot losing his life to the true flight of a Trojan arrow.
  • Finally we will reach Constantinople, where the West blends in with the East, a visit to the famous Hagia Sophia, a glorious symbol of the Byzantine capital at its peak.
  • After Visiting the Topkapi Palace Museum – once the site of the Byzantine Acropolis we will board a Bosporus cruise to enjoy the view of the European and Asian banks of the waterbound city
  • Finally we will end our four day tour with dinner at a local Turkish Bistro before being transferred at 22:00 to the airport in Istambul.

4 * & 5 * hotel accommodation With Breakfast and dinner included as well as day travelling snacks 


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