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Environmental Gamechanger -Themed Feature Tour

Epic Themed Feature Trek

Grand Kayak Eco-Tour of Ikaria Series I & II

Series I-(Sep 20- Sep 26)

We kick off the 2020 season with the EPIC Themed feature Grand Kayak Eco-Tour of Ikaria Series I & II This will be a trek of epic proportions incorporating so many eco-friendly concepts : HikingCampingYoga – a stop at Ikaria’s famous Thermal BathsMassage LessonsArchery Lessons – An option for a completely Vegan Menu of Locally Grown Organic Foods – and a day trip by Sail Boat to neighboring Fournoi island to relax on the beach or learn how to SUP

Are you concerned about the ecosystems of our planet? Are you aware that on average each visitor that passes through Greece  leaves behind two kilos of unrecyclable rubbish. In one summer Greece may host up to 35 million visitors. At this moment our own recycling center in Ikaria is not in operation… and because of insufficient infrastructure and planning this is the general condition of  many recycling programs across our beautiful land. .. Do you want to participate in an environmental game changer and do your part..We are on a mission to promote ecotourism and our first Annual grand Tour will be epic…it aims for zero waste and 100% local organic foods.  While we explore every nook and cranny of Ikaria and its majestic coastline we will simultaneously learn how important  it is  for our future that all of us conscientiously leave a minimal carbon footprint in our wake. We will explore by sea kayak, sailboat, or hiking over land. The program will include instructed archery lessons, as well as yoga, swimming in the thermal spring waters as well as a group discussion or film on the theory and origins of kayaking and eco-friendly sea sports.  There will be a day trip by sailboat to neighboring island of Fournoi where we can relax on the beach with access to SUPs– We will provide the tents and equipment needed and will have sleeping bags available for sale for 20 euros..There will be 5 nights spent camping in remote locales as well as 1 night stay in a hotel. The organizers of this trek are aiming to fill  100 available kayak seats . We will emphasize the importance of international unity of purpose and will have opportunities to bond while hearing the myths and history of our beautiful island around campfires by night…A percentage of the proceeds of this trip will be set aside and applied towards the renovation and re-opening of the recycling center in Ikaria.   This excursion will in large part involve partner sea kayaking and require a decent level of physical fitness in order to circumscribe the rugged island and its 6 days of coastline!!  We advise that you consult with a doctor and have a physical examination beforehand to determine whether you are healthy enough to take part The use of all equipment, food, and accommodations are all included in the cost and there will be a vegan menu available  upon special request — otherwise there will be a very healthy diet comprised of local organic fruits- vegetables -legumes and grains as well as seafood-

What is Included?

Regular pricing is 1690 Euros per person which includes: all taxes travel from any Airport or ferry port on the island to the beginning of our tour and back

  • kayak guiding and some instruction
  • use of kayak and all the gear required for paddling( PFD, paddles, Etc)
  • archery instruction
  • hiking with a guide
  • Dromedary Bags for for use as personal water hydration
  • camping equipment -2 person tents
  • waterproof float bags
  • instruction massage
  • 2 healthy meals from local foods and 3 snacks daily
  • sailboat trip to Fournous Island  with use of SUPs  stand up paddle boards
  • water will be provided *We will use Dromedary bags and freshly filtered clean water
  • We also provide all natural soap

What is not provided:

  • flight or boat travel to Ikaria island
  • accommodations or Adventures prior to the start of the tour
  • meals or beverages before or after the tour

kayaking gear available for purchase with 10 day-advance order inquire for pricing  ikarosadventours@gmail.com

  *we want to limit the personal toiletries to non-packaged natural locally homemade products

  • Rock shoes
  • Snorkeling Gear
  • beach towels
  • Hats
  • Sleeping Bags
  • flashlights
  • quick dry t-shirts
  • backpacks
  • some bathing suits for male and female
  • straw yoga mats
  • sandals
  • 100% all-natural homemade sunscreen from island essential oils shea butter beeswax and zinc oxide
  • 25 Liter and 40 Liter Waterproof Float Bags (provided- but also for sale)
  • 2 man tents (provided- but also for sale)
  • Natural olive oil based soap (provided- but also for sale)
  •  Dromedary Bags 3 Liter (provided- but also for sale)

Please don’t miss the opportunity to take part. This is meant to be a game-changer for environmental issues and a paradigm shift towards EcoTOURISM

Tour Cost – 1690 Euro

May 13 – May 19   «Grand Kayak EcoTour of Ikaria » Series I 
May 20 – May 26  «Grand Kayak EcoTour of Ikaria » Series II


  • Lightweight hiking shoes or sneakers
  • sport sandals or Rock shoes
  • socks and underwear
  • wide brimmed sun hat or ball cap
  • sport bandana to protect the back of your neck and face
  • quick dry shirts short and long
  • windbreaker or light paddling jacket
  • bathing suits and rasher shirts
  • quick dry shorts quick dry pant yoga clothing
  • off water clothing
  • sunscreen lip balm with SPF protection
  • aloe vera
  • sunglasses with lanyard
  • flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries
  • camera
  • binoculars
  • towel
  • any personal medications
  • preferred snacks

**To Honor Each Participant in Our Game Changing Cause  a percentage of all revenues from these tours will be reinvested and applied to the purchase of Trees and Bamboo Sapling Defense Units for the direct Planting of Trees at sponsored Volunteer events such as our North Aegean EcoTourism Summit 2020 in alliance with our EcoGOAT program affiliates in EcoTOURISM-Greece 

Grand Kayak EcoTour of Ikaria Series I (May 13-19) Book Now
Grand Kayak EcoTour of Ikaria Series II (May 20-26) Book Now