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 Aside from  our EcoGOAT tree planting events in Ikaria we have scheduled a series of  very exciting adventures at home and on two of our neighboring islands.  Our EcoGOAT Hiking Tours, and Biking tours  to ancient hidden monasteries under the canopy of our forests- both by  Mountain bike and E-Bike. We also will be offering for smaller groups Snorkeling by Boat up to 4 people  and along the coastline by land . The two islands of Fournoi and Patmos are our twice weekly destinations You will have a choice to either spend the day tucked away in the relaxing setting at  Kampi Beach in Fournoi.  You may opt to take a  SUP paddleboarding lesson and rental or just hang out on the beach near the Cantina, Capoeira Lessons and Snorkeling will be available as well. And if you choose to go to Patmos for the day we suggest you visit the site where the apostle St John was inspired to write the final book- Revelations-in the Bible  while laboring at a marble quarry near the port of Skala you may see the remains of the Monastery nearby as well and we suggest you don’t miss out on the exquisite expressions of culinary genius at the Fair trade-principled Vegan Restaurant of  a couple very dear to us since  visiting Ikaria earlier in winter of 2019 : Pernera Vegan Cuisine. Make sure you present  your one day pass to receive a special treat from Nikos as well…just give him the pass and let him know Kostas from EcoGOAT  sent you…

Sailing to Byzantium Themed Feature
https://ikarosadventours.com/ SAILING TO BYZANTIUM” 2 (hotel & boat) (May 1 – May 11)
Greek Legacy in Asia Minor Themed Feature
Aegean Island Hopper
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