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Support EcoGOAT – our Reforestation and Recycling Center Remedy

You can make a donation:

IBAN: GR 4401102450000024500159546


Our Program needs Volunteers and Donors who can help:

  • Promotion of our Site:

    —–earn 6.8% commission automatically by connecting your bank account to our site and do this without bothering your friends your really helping them out to save money while accessing the best stuff on earth. You will be offering your friends a 10% Discount off retail value of all Tours and Goods purchased Directly from the site There is no way to complain everybody wins here- and most importantly so does the EcoSphere because you would be helping to promote our game changing agenda.

-As a bona-fide affiliate who establishes a personal promo code on our site every single time your code is used in 2020 for the purchase of any tour -product – or service (with the exception of  Rentals) Ikaros Adventure Tours gives an automatic 10% of the Retail value to the Customer in Savings and instantly deposits as a commission in thanks to its affiliates  6.8% into the Affiliates Bank account via auto-deposit.  We also offer the option of donating a part of your commission to the further development our Programs.

We want to make a difference in the world Today.. Help us effectuate  the Infrastructural improvements we want to make.

  • Volunteer – We will announce opportunities to involve volunteers in both Recycling Events and EcoGOAT Reforestation Project
  • Donate Directly to our Programs –Unite with us.

    -It is A Simple Straightforward and Transparent Operation – There is no catch and no trickery.  We are going to make a change in the Status Quo and we want your support..

  • Witness the change If you donate  50 Euros you can expect a list of GPS -coordinates where you will find the 5 trees and there Bamboo Sapling Defense Units with your Name tagged to each BSDU so you can come see your Effort  converted into a forest. And if you want to Donate a Million Euros we can most likely arrange to plant a forest the Size of the Amazon with your name on it  (period). 

  • Είμαστε εδώ για να σας ακούμε και να σχεδιάσουμε την επόμενη εξόρμηση σας . Καλέστε μας στο +30.6986726376Ο Κώστας Γιάκας  είναι στην διάθεσή σας να απαντήσει σε οποιαδήποτε απορία σας η  συμπληρώστε την πιο κάτω φόρμα  με τα στοιχεια σας για αμεσες απαντησεις.


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