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Ikaros Adventure Tours Ecotourism

  • Hotels – Bungalows – Suites

  • Day Trips To Fournous and Patmos
  • Island Sail, Hop & Hikes

  • Themed Feature Expeditions

  • Bike Rentals &Tours(E-Bike and Mountain Bikes)

  • EcoGOAT Guided Hikes

  • Explore Archeological Ruins- Natural Splendor

  • Essential Oils Distillation Tour

  • Traditional Culinary Tours (Locally Grown Food Cooking Lesson)

  • Wedding Planning *5-day Free Honeymoon Suite* 

  • Scooter Rentals

  • Paddleboarding and Kayaking

  • Panegiri Festival Shuttle 

  • Honey Producer and Winery Tours

  • Island Escort Driver

Ikaria’s EcoGOAT 2020 Raffle: Prizes Value ~5000 Euros

Discover an adventure and leave our island having made a lasting environmental improvement that you can see and enjoy the next time you visit Ikaria.

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Όνειρο για μια απόδραση; θα σας βοηθήσουμε να κάνετε τα όνειρά σας πραγματικότητα . Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας σήμερα για δωρεάν ενημέρωση και φροντίστε να κλείσετε τα εισιτήριά σας εκ των προτέρων, αφού οι προ κρατήσεις είναι περιορισμένες . Είμαστε εδώ για να κάνουμε την ταξιδιωτική εμπειρία σας τόσο διασκεδαστική και χαλαρωτική όσο θα έπρεπε.

Themed Feature Expeditions 2020

Sailing to Byzantium Themed Feature Tour
https://ikarosadventours.com/ SAILING TO BYZANTIUM” 2 (hotel & boat) (May 1 – May 11)
Greek Legacy in Asia Minor Themed Feature
Aegean island Sail hop & hike 6 days 5 islands

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We  had  a  great  tour  with Ikaros  Aventure  Tours  this  week.  Walking in nature,  collecting herbs,  planting trees,  eating  local  food.  Fun  and  interesting.  Keep up  the  good work  guys!

Gudjon Svansson

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We were there twice during our stay on the island

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Both children enjoyed it!

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Our commitment to help keep the island ecosystem pristine is quite strong. Our group and private tours involve appreciation of nature’s bounty and focus on leaving behind a very small carbon footprint.  We believe that if we teach about the environmental hurdles that our island faces we foster a deeper appreciation of its beauty – and that appreciation builds a respect from our visitors  for our nature, which is the secret key to sustainability and our ultimate preservation in paradise. While our spectacular guided tours take a multi-faceted approach which orients the visitor to the archaeological history and includes the geological sketch they also delve into the present-day environmental reality of our island. We incorporate various zero-emissions and waste-free solutions to address the ecological crisis that wholesale tourism otherwise generates. We also Have spearheaded reforestation efforts to counteract the overgrazing of our meadows and forests by the problematic goat overpopulation. (many of our hiking tours now incorporate the planting of fruit trees, we have invented the EcoGOAT Program in combination with Ecotourism-Greece to resolve our most severe environmental issue: over-grazing by goats: if you would like to volunteer in a mass tree planting event or join our think tank to help come up with solutions to our current recycling crisis we have posted some of the informative links available using social media.

EcoGOAT Learn More
Northeast Aegean EcoTourism Summit 2020 April 10-12
Northeast Aegean EcoTourism certificate 2020 April 10-12

We invite newcomers to our site to take their time and browse our various services; 

Dear Kostadinos  

Our team has been busily working on the LUX 2020 Travel & Tourism Awards for the past 3 months and with research complete and a final decision back from the judges, today we have some exciting news!

Ikaros Adventure Tours has been crowned:  

Most Eco-Friendly Tour Operator – Aegean Islands

Having worked with you to this point, it’s great to be the one to deliver the good news and I hope it brings a smile to your face! Ikaros Adventure Tours, like all of our victors, has demonstrated excellence and commitment in this industry.

Steven Simpson- 2020 Lux LifeTravel & Tourism Awards

2020 Travel & Tourism Awards….LUX is a bimonthly magazine and a web-based publication, with a circulation of over 238,000worldwide and has received more than 2 million-page views within the last 12 months.The award is designed to reward and recognise the companies and the individuals behind them that have worked tirelessly over the past 12 months to achieve industry leading success, client satisfaction and market growth.

On behalf of Ikaros Adventure Tours in Kampos, Ikaria I proudly accept this honorable award.

It is my greatest honor and pleasure to perform my duties as owner of Ikaros Adventure Tours. A very wonderful  award, I am deeply touched by the humanity of this recognition…

Thank you, Kostadinos Giakas

Meet Kostas

 Say Hello to Kostas. Kostadinos Giakas specializes in planning fantastic Eco-trips suited to each tour-goers needs

and interests. He is intuitive to the types of adventures each traveler craves.

As a bonafide Tour guide, Kosta can tell you about the island’s history, archaeology and Geological record. He is certified in First Aid and knows the island’s twists and turns.

He cares deeply  about Ikaria’s various unique ecosystems ask him  about EcoGOAT and  Recycling Center Ikaria 

Get in touch with your island insiders we can make the booking process easy fun so you can be on your way to making

the memories that will last a lifetime.

Become a Sponsor  or Volunteer at a Tree Planting Event 

Our First tree planting event planned for April 10-17, 2020

 EcoGOAT  EVENT  –  (April 10-17, 2020)

Attend and Sponsor the Planting of 10 Trees + BSDUs at our event with free camping and shuttle -100 Euros ( without food provided)
Attend and Sponsor the Planting of 10 Trees + BSDUs at our event with free camping and shuttle with two vegan meals and snacks -100 Euros ( +15 euro per day with food provided)
Attend and Sponsor the Planting of 10 Trees + BSDUs at our event with hotel stay and shuttle +30 euros per day -100 Euros ( without food provided)
Attend and Sponsor the Planting of 10 Trees + BSDUs at our event with hotel stay and shuttle +30 euros per day with two vegan meals and snacks-100 Euros (+15 euros per day with food provided)

Payment Info and Cancellation Policy

“Athens in a Nutshell” Private Taxi Tour and Transfer Service

* from Airport in Athens to your Hotel or the Port of Pireas –See all the best of Athens in 3-5 hrs stopping to enjoy the sites on your way to catch a boat to the islands

We can arrange to bring you from the airport in Athens to the Marina in Pireaus in style our drivers have large comfortable sedans and will take you to see the 8 most famous landmarks in Athens in a three to five hour tour and either drop you off at the Marina in Pireaus or your choice of hotels in Athens.. Mr. Bobos is a 40 year veteran driver who can take you to the most well-known locales without the assistance of google maps ..He is a veteran who knows the pulse of Athens and how to avoid those daily traffic jams so you will be best able to experience Athens in the least amount of time…just relax and allow the concept of time to melt out of your mind like a burning candle..You are in great hands with Mr.Bobo. While you may be rushing to start your vacation in Ikaria’s paradise, we believe that arriving to the island without first having seized the opportunity to appreciate every phase of your trip to Greece would not be aligned with the “live in the moment” ethos of Ikarians.. without first acclimating yourself to this blurring of the timeline than you would not be prepared for what beauty awaits you.. Much of the value of visiting Ikaria is found in learning about the Ikarian’s precious relationship with time and its relative insignificance ..they never rush things..it is from this great quality that perhaps much of their famed longevity of life is rooted.. What better place to start losing yourself in the illusion of timelessness than the Ancient city of Athens – arguably the most influential civilization to have graced our present world with its legacy.. Enjoy your transfer to the port and (slowly, slowly) “Siga- siga” just about 1 1/2 hours past Mykonos on the ferry boat you will arrive in the timeless zone of Ikaria, too full of celebration and love, to keep track of the passing time…
Ms. Bobos  tour of Athens is a great value at 180 euro for up to two passengers.  And for three or four passengers the three hour tour is 260 euro please share your travel plans with us.

Tour for 1 or 2 persons 180€
Tour for 3 or 4 persons 260€
Contact us   Or Press Button – Let us know your travel plans
Pre-Orders Accepted with a 50% Deposit Supply is Limited

BOTE Rover Motorized Paddle Board

BOTE’s aptly named entry into the kayak category shouldn’t come as a surprise. Utilizing its industry-shaping design and engineering, this first-of-its-kind kayak is constructed with BOTE’s unique stern technology for stability and buoyancy on the water offering easy paddling even in shallow water.  The 14’6″ long Bote Rover and Bugslinger   feature many options which allow them  to be accessorized and configured to customize your own paddle skiff. Attach  the 6 Hp Hidea 4-stroke outboard motor and cruise at nearly 30 km/hr so that you can gain access  to the hard to reach fishing spots. The dream tool for a sports fisherman you can fish from 5 0r 6 poles while floating by undetected. Connect your fish finders too -these skiffs are lightweight, easy to store, easy to transport and a blast to paddle!

BOTE Rover Motorized Paddle Board more information here

Payment Info and Cancellation Policy

Ikaros Adventure Tours Themed Feature Excursions

Grand Kayak Series I

  • May 13 -19

Grand Kayak Series II

  • May 20-26

Sailing to Byzantium 1

  • 1/5-11/5 (hotel)

Sailing to Byzantium 2

  • 1/5-11/5 (hotel & boat)

Greek Legacy in Asia Minor

  • 7/5-11/5

Aegean Island Hopper

  • 5 islands in 6 days

Ikaros Adventure Tours Activities in Ikaria

Electric Bike Rentals

  • «Ikaros Adventure Tours» the day

Mountain Bike Rentals

  • «Ikaros Adventure Tours» the day

Guided hikes

  • From 40 € to 75 € Per day

Day trips to Fourni

  • Includes 1hr SUP Lesson 9:00 -20:00

Yoga tours in nature

  • Daily-Ask us for prices and packages.

Ikaria Photography Tours

  • Daily«Ikaros Adventure Tours»

Ikaria guided Kayaking

  • Ask us for prices and packages

Day trips by sailboat groups

  • Ask us for prices and private sail boats up to 24 passenger

Visit to one (1) Winery

  • Daily-Ask us for prices and packages.

Tours of two (2) Wineries

  • Daily-Ask us for prices and packages.

SUP & Kayak Rentals

  • Kayaks =12/hr -18/hr SUP =15/hr (daily rental avail.)

Capoeira (self defense )

  • 2-3 hour Lesson

EcoSnorkeling Coastal Surface Diving Tour

  • Daily small group dives

Traditional culinary tour and cooking lesson

  • «Ikaros Adventure Tours»

One day excursion to Fourni island

  • Ours-9,30-18,30

One day excursion to Patmos

  • Daily «Ikaros Adventure Tours»

The Making of Essential Oils Of Ikaria Tour

  • Daily with appointment Snacks and refreshments included

Professional Individual Massage

  • The hour «Ikaros Adventure Tours»

Massage and yoga 3 day Therapy

  • 3 day Beachfront yoga Retreat – 1 massage/day and breakfast and dinner vegan friendly

One day excursion to Fourni with SUP course

  • Ours-9,30-18,30

Grand Tour of Ikaria (By Jeep or Minibus)

  • One-Day Tour of entire island in 10 hrs